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How to manage work from home employee performance during COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS

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An outbreak of COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS ensured that this year really most difficult for all types of organizations. So far more than 319K people have been killed, over 4.81 million infected and 213 countries affected. City in lockdown, travel restrictions all the place, plant mounting soaring. Supply chain in global trade, commerce, tourism, investment, and chaos.

Today, China’s economy is much more intimately connected with the world’s economy – accounting for 17% of global GDP, with trade accounting for 34% of domestic GDP – during the 2003 SARS outbreak.

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Nowadays work from home is important to defeat COVID19. At this point, it is beyond logic: research suggests that 80% of the worldwide IT workforce work from home and nearly three-quarters of global companies already offer flexible working options, with the majority stating that Both of them have seen growth. Profit and Productivity.

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As work from home has become more common, its image has also evolved. Where people once used to handle remote tasks meant spending days in your pajamas, tapping lazily on their laptops, the idea of ​​arriving at your desk from 9–5 is outdated. For companies themselves, work from home has many benefits: aside from boosting productivity, it reduces business costs, allows you to use a wider talent pool, increases employee retention, and gives you a Greenery helps in running a more sustainable business.

But of course, work from home is not all fun and games! Like anything, there are pros and cons. How do you manage someone you’ve never met – let alone know how to measure their progress, build successful relationships or enable frictionless collaboration?

Best Remote Team Management Tool

The rise of work from home has been coupled with an increase in tools and apps to help manage remote employee performance. To maximize remote employee efficiency and support your team, you need visibility into what they are doing. The best offer is precisely that without being intrusive or scary. Some essential remote employee management tools include:

Archiz work from home employee Management Software

It is one of the world’s most popular project management Software for good reason. Archiz work from home Employee Management Software allows you to organize and prioritize tasks and projects, and then track their progress from a clean location. This is particularly useful for setting up remote team workflows, allocating tasks, and uploading documents. Everyone has complete visibility on the team’s efforts.


An app that you need to see where your remote employees spend all their time. Unlike traditional time tracking, time workers work on their own and use AI to create time sheets for them. The global “People Dashboard” can follow every employee’s overtime, workload, activity, and capacity, ensuring that you always know what people are working on and if they need support.


Digital equivalent to face-to-face talking, Slack is essential for quick everyday communication and coordination. It is the tool for resolving small blockers, sharing quick updates, and staying in-loop. Just make sure that it does not become uncontrolled and unproductive.

Zoom Meeting

Great for one-to-one with work from home employees as well as company-wide monthly meetings, Zoom is an adaptable video communication tool that helps bridge the physical gaps of work from home.

How to choose the right remote device

When it comes to choosing your remote team management tools, you need to tread carefully; Nobody wants to feel like they are spying. While the software above are all employee Management, many other task carries unfortunate power bays that work against employees.

Often they use creepy tactics such as screenshots and keystroke tracking for the Management. So make sure you select an employee-led tracking tool that leads with confidence – using any tool you must broadly describe how an employee’s data is handled. Remote team management Software has not worked easily if people do not feel comfortable using your equipment.

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You do not even need to ensure your management, which will not do additional work for your team. They should be as light as possible; Intuitive, easy to use and doing a job really well. Look out for those using software automation to reduce duplication of effort.

Learning feature; Everyone should be clear about how to get up early and easy to use the equipment. Look out for simple onboarding, clear UI, swift customer support, and good learning resources. Experts in a field that can give you more value than those who promise to solve everything – you don’t want to the payload of functionality you’re not using.

Remote performance management best practice

With the right tools, managing remote teams is not particularly difficult or different from managing people in-house. There are just a few basic things that you need to keep in mind to keep your remote team happy, listening and supporting.

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1. Team Task Visibility

If your remote employees are spread all over the world, then keep an eye on who is difficult to work with – but, with the right tools, you can see what everyone is doing without any trouble. The first requirement is solid team visibility – not that you can micromanage, but so you can understand progress, offer thoughtful support and pull everyone in the same direction.

Remote teams need to be comfortable with that level of visibility. You need to communicate clearly that performance management tools are not being used for some sinister reason; They help the entire team stay coordinated. Everyone should be able to see which tasks are being done by whom, when they will likely be completed, and one colleague is booked for the next. Obviously, if you are using tools that protect employee privacy and serve their interests, this should not be a hard sell.

2. Have a healthy workload

Visibility on your remote support team also helps you ensure that all employees have a healthy workload. When you are working remotely, you do not have the same physical separation between work and home; You cannot step out of the office and leave your job on the go. 

By looking at each employee’s workload, you can monitor and balance burnout to your entire team’s workload. If one employee clearly has way too much on their plate, and another has room to help, you can quickly reclaim resources. This ensures that everyone is working healthily within their weekly capacity – protecting people from the worst effects of “preoccupation”.

3. Supporting work from home autonomy

Confidence is essential for successful work from home. Managers need to ensure that each remote member is self-disciplined – comfortable with their own productivity and working without any supervisor. But this belief goes both ways, and even work from home must believe in working in the ways they see best.

The right tools can actually encourage work from home to take charge of their own product performance. With a private space to analyze their activity, they can identify how they work best, understand what has held them back, and keep track of how they get distracted. With these insights, employees can introduce effective changes to master their own workflows – whether that means trying a new work structure, outsourcing low-value work to new tools, or bloating Addressing the processes that occurred.

In the end, you want to get to the point, where distant companions work together without the need for a boss or manager. By convincing your remote team to work in the ways they feel best, you are allowing them to be their masters. Own time – and in the world of work from home, a sense of autonomy and ownership goes a long way.

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