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Best CRM for a startups in India,

Sales Management

  • Lead Routing
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead & Opportunity Analytics
  • Customer Info & History
  • Contact Management
CRM Function

Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Analyze Trend & Behavior
  • Business Intelligence
  • Campaign Management
  • Bulk E-mail & Whatsapp 
crm-sales-Archiz-Solutions, The five reasons for your CRM are not actually increasing sales,

Support Management

  • Support Ticketing
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Membership
  • Call Center & Voip Integration
  • Product Tracking
BIG DATA & CRM , CRM Software

Business Management

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Resource Management
  • Time    Management 



Easy to use CRM

  • Spend less time learning how to use it.
  • Quick lead capturing as easy as possible.
  • Fully functional sales platform.
  • Visual experience, Reports & Analytics.
  • Consistent way of working on all devices.

Customizable CRM

  • Customizable CRM Software are tailored to your exact needs.
  • Better Integration with Your Business Operations
  • Custom Module
  • Unique User Interface
  • Custom Fields & Reports Analytics
Social CRM featuresSocial CRM

Third Party Integration

  • Email and Calendar Synchronization
  • Marketing automation : Whatsapp, SMS, Email
  • Document Management
  • Customer Support :IVR, Voice Logging/Monitoring
  • Accounting and Purchasing: ERP Integration
key features of CRM software,

Niche Based CRM

  • Match with your Business Workflow
  • Keep your company organized
  • It makes communication easier
  • Track customer journey your way
  • For example, if you’re in Real Estate Business, you will get complete Real Estate CRM features, Our Sales CRM Software would be match with your business work flow, if not then Archiz CRM 100 % customizable  according to your business needs.
Flexibility and Customization, CRM Software

Cloud Based CRM

  • Easy installation
  • Seamless access of data
  • Affordable product
  • High security levels
  • Flexible Potential
Customer Relationship Management

Security CRM

  • Proper Data Management.
  • Preventing Data Leaks
  • Data Accessibility limitation.
  • Data analytics
  • Multilevel Data Security  

Awarded By CIO Reviews: Most Promising CRM Solution Providers 2019

The rise of marketing technology and a recent resurgence in sales technology of CRM market is attracting many new entrants. CRM is seeing faster growth from being a single tool on one medium to a multi-faceted tech boom operating across various platforms which are modified to meet unique needs of consumers across different domains like Call Center, finance, logistics, hospitality, and even education.

Archiz Solutions has been selected by CIOReviewIndia as one of the ” Most Promising #CRM_Solution_Providers – 2019 “

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Hospital Management-software-Archiz-Solutions, Hospital Management Software Delhi NCR , Hospital Software in Noida, India's Best Hospital management Software for your business, eHospital managenent Software India, eHospital managenent Software Noida , hospital operation management Softare .Best Hospital management Software for your business.

Hospital Management Software

The hospital management system (HMS) is a computer or web based system that facilitates the operation of the hospital or any medical set up. It integrates all information about patients, doctors, employees, hospital administration details etc.


Contact Center Software

The contact center software is a technical tool that enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of a contact center with a specific focus on communication between customers and contact center agents.


Lead Management Software

Lead Management Software is a set of program and practices designed to generate new potential business customers, usually operated through a variety of marketing campaigns or programs. Lead management facilitates a business connection between its outgoing consumer advertising and the responses to that ad. These procedures are designed for business-to-business and direct-to-consumer strategies.


WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp mobile marketing strategies, along with bulk messages, with WhatsApp, allow companies to send 1000 characters per message with pictures, video or audio, which makes this strategy a successful choice of whatsapp marketing software. We are an Whatsapp Bulk Messaging Software Provider Company, which is focusing on providing a proficient business solution in India. And we offer bulk whatsapp text, image, audio, video marketing service at the lowest rates.

Whatsapp-Marketing-software-Archiz-solutions-image, Whatsapp marketing Software Whatsapp bulk messages Software in Delhi ,NCR Whatsapp bulk messages Software ,Whatsapp marketing Software India, Whatsapp marketing Software Gurugram

CRM Software has this features:

Every business does things a little bit differently, leading to very diverse needs. While there are some functions that are quite standard across the board, there are often functions that an out-of-the-box solution may not be able to handle.

Thousands of businesses do not use their CRM to its maximum effect, which can reduce productivity, customer satisfaction, and sales. It can be difficult for an organization to implement or manage a CRM tool, especially if they lack the required IT expertise, and what works well for another organization may not work so well for yours

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