#1 Cloud Based CRM Software


#1 Cloud Based CRM Software

Archiz Cloud Based CRM offers a significant, positive impact for your organization with centralized information and repetitive tasks automated, Archiz cloud-based CRM tools can ensure your team focuses on the important things: building relationships with customers and leads and selling your product.

Cloud CRM software provides you to access the customer information at all times, regardless of location, Give analytical dashboards that help to understand the representation of your sales leads tracking flow.

Archiz Cloud CRMs do away with the inherent problems of in-house software that’s affordable for all sizes businesses. If you’re ready to make the move to cloud-based sales software, Archiz Cloud CRM Software best solutions for your business, you can Start with FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT NOW.

How does Could CRM Software improve your selling?

Get a 360° view of your leads

In a single screen,  you can access all their details  & interact with your leads  via Phone | Chat |Email | WhatsApp conversations on single screen.

Manages work and follow-up

Cloud CRM software allows agents to follow their potential customers. It helps track and record all conversations with customers. This software provides instant alerts and reminders for the actions performed by agents. Cloud CRM always ensures continued communication and follow-up with customers.

Automate Daily Tasks

Cloud Based CRM Software boost productivity by automating manual tasks such as sending and confirming appointments, sending emails, generating invoices, and managing leads and related tasks, all from one dashboard.

Visual Sales Pipeline

Archiz Cloud Based CRM helps you to track deals at every stage of the sales pipeline. Users can sort and filter deals for a better understanding of the sales pipeline.

Revenue Analytics

Cloud Based CRM Software provides revenue metrics using multiple criteria, such as per sales rep or territory. With these insights, you can identify successful campaigns, star performers and the most lucrative territories.

Get Reports

Cloud based CRM Software provides you a graphical view of data so that  you can track sales rep performance, sales figures and other important details.

How cloud CRM Software will help to achieve your goal

  • Get Centralized customer data & Automatic data store and are easy to access. 
  • Automate administration tasks
  • leads tracking for your sales pipeline, based on custom triggers and leads stages & leads intrcation.
  • Send Email , SMS , Whatsapp by single click
  • Increase the business mobility
  • Easy to integrate with third party APIs.
  • Easy collaboration for users within teams and across teams

Archiz Solutions also offers custom CRM solutions and many other Software Solutions, such as Business Management Software ,CRM software for BPO Services, Customer Experience Management Software, Customer Support Software,Sales Management Software, CRM software for Manufacturing Company, AMC Management Software, Elections Management Software and so on. And we are providing a free consultation to choose the best CRM for your business, feel free to ask any questions to our expert regarding software solutions.