Immigration CRM Software for Study Abroad

Immigration Consultants CRM Software

 Immigration Agents CRM  is a type of management tool for managing client details and managing their visa updates. This tool is basically based on cloud technologies which are basically for the service of immigration, Study abroad Consultancy and visa consulting services.

Why Immigration Consultants Need CRM Software for Study Abroad ?

Immigration CRM Software have Overseas and Study Abroad CRM features which provides a special interface, which can manage management and storage with customized fields and inquiry fields such as documented, visa issued, etc. Consultants can easily analyze and manage opportunities.

Benefit of having Immigration CRM Software for Study Abroad:

Enquiries management

Immigration CRM Software for Study Abroad is a useful forum for upcoming questions. It helps companies to track and receive all relevant information of customers. In addition, this software enables you to interrogate any user without any difficulty. It also helps in managing important contacts and facilitating future relationships.

Manages work and follow-up

Customer Follow-up feature that helps the follow-up of Leads and also helps you focus on increasing the business conversion ratio by generating ROI.

Document management system:

This feature helps you to manage document status, if they are approved or rejected in any case. Documents like medical certificates, visa applications, bank debt clearance certificates etc. are more likely to be dismissed, suppressing every record without missing anything, it becomes quite easy with our CRM for Study Abroad.

Multiple User Management

 Immigration CRM Software enables each agent and sales executive to use it from anywhere with their login so that they can update their full details in real time. It provides cloud-based applications that enable the agent to log in at any time to improve relationships.

Enquiries Transfer

Immigration CRM software reduces the work related to paperwork and documentation and increases work productivity. By using Immigration CRM Software you could be able to assign number of student data to your sales team, and other department in a single Click.

Pre Sale activity by Immigration CRM Software

As a part of this process, there are a lot of advertisements and many promotional activities which are done by Immigration CRM software in the order of customers, which we consider our opportunity and want to be aware of the whole process. Our Immigration CRM Software for Study Abroad have integration with Whatsapp Marketing Software feature, Single Click Bulk SMS Feature, & Email Marketing Features.

Data Transparency

Immigration CRM customers with 100% transparency of their work progress and ensures confidence with the effect of your immigration VISA.

Key features of Immigration CRM Software for Study Abroad:

Immigration CRM software helps in number of ways:
  • Centralized your Students/Customer Data
  • Maintain long term Customers Relationship
  • Proper documents management
  • Understanding the needs of customers
  • Improve applicant tracking process
  • Save time and keep organized
  • Customer Data assignment based on expertise
  • Maintain professional and healthy communication

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