IVR Voice Blaster & ROBO CALL

IVR Voice Blaster & ROBO Call

 Archiz IVR Voice Blaster is also known as “ROBO Call“. It is an automated dialing system that generates voice calls simultaneously in the list of pre-identified phone numbers of a targeted group. IVR Voice Blaster is a powerful, cost-effective telemarketing communications service for promoting various programs, ads, offers, Election Campaign, and value-added services for customers at a lower cost and over time.

IVR Voice Blaster provides more than thousands of target visitors in different languages. The adoption of IVR blaster results in improving the high productivity of marketing communications combined with control over call operations.

Benefits of Having IVR Voice Blaster (ROBO CALL)


User- friendly & Easy to set up, deploy, and use because it’s all host No hardware or software to install. The easiest voice broadcast dialer in the industry.

Added location caller ID

Match your caller ID with your regional office location, so the calls are directed to the correct office. Customers are more likely to respond to a recognized phone number than a random national caller ID.

Simple control

Easy to learn. Archiz Solutions has all the speculations to run your voice blaster. We designed it for the average working man.

Immediate management

Log in, upload list, record only two simple messages, play play and answer callback. Setting up and using is really easy.

Easy to setup options

The fully adjustable caller ID number, caller ID name, speed, number transfer, live message, voicemail message, DNC list, internal voicemail option.

Why Archiz IVR Voice Blaster?

  • Cost-efficient and inexpensive
  • Large reach that maximizes productivity
  • The fastest access to marketing communications
  • Multiple campaign management and efficient resource usage

Features of IVR Voice Blaster

  • Bulk Capacity of Voice Messaging
  • Supports high call volume
  • Call monitoring
  • user-friendly interface
  • Hints in many languages
  • Real-time messaging
  • Multi-line operational mode
  • Backup and export files

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