Webinar Management Software

Webinar Management Software

Business automation has become the new way, Archiz Webinar Management Software that helps all companies for organising both live and on-demand webinars. With the help of Archiz Software for Webinar Management  you are able to organize both past and upcoming webinars. 

How will Archiz Webinar Management Software help?

Webinar Management  software will help you to manage the  complete webinar registration process. The streamlined configuration process includes items such as QR Code, landing page templates, email and signup forms, making for an inexpensive and feature-packed webinar software.

Benefit of having Webinar Management Software:

  • Corporate webinars are possible with options for multiple languages ​​and company profiles.
  • Archiz Webinar Management Software is integrated with thousands of other apps, and is capable of exporting any of your webinar data to Excel or CSV. Automatically lead captured from webinar attendant data. 
  • Email tools are among the best in the business, including automatic reminder sending, status updates, thank you letters , webinar feedback & certification.
  • User interaction is easy with polls, questions and a chat box.
  • Webinar events come in different forms, such as pre-recorded, recurring and live event streaming.
  • Tracking is rather advanced, with purchase ratios, tracking webinar behavior, and an option to see how much money you have made.
  • Email and SMS, WhatsApp reminders are included.
  • Branding is available in all forms of communication.
Webinar Management software

Key features of Webinar Management Software:

Webinar Management Software helps in number of ways:
  • Tracking is excellent for seeing which customers, how many people are buying a certain item, and more.
  • The process for creating a live webinar is simple and it has to be quickly moved to the on-demand section.
  • Enjoy the fact that you can send SMS messages to participants.
  • Advanced scheduling lets you mark your calendar by the minute and even blocks special holidays.

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