CRM Software in Singapore

CRM Software in Singapore

CRM Software in Singapore helps you either you are an entrepreneur, small or medium business, or a large enterprise with hundreds of employees and thousands of customers,Archiz CRM software in Singapore is the perfect solution for you – Cloud CRM, 100% Custom CRM software and Mobile CRM. Simple, easy and easy to deploy, use and manage, Archiz CRM comes with custom reports and dashboard for sales force automation, CRM for sales and marketing and its full contact and customer management capabilities.

With more than 10,000+  trusted users, #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provider in Singapore delivered you 100% Customizable CRM Software that effectively  manage leads and customer databases, while automating sales and marketing processes, optimizing marketing initiatives and improves customer support and customer service management.

How Does CRM Software Work For Your Business?

CRM (Customer Relationship Software) software in Singapore includes a set of businesses that are designed to help businesses manage many business processes such as customer data, customer contact, track lead, customer support and marketing.

Having a CRM software Singapore means that you have a good relation on improving relationships with customers, improving accountability for customers’ grievances, tracking trends in customer behavior and activity, and matters relating to the company and its products and services. The goal of setting up your reputation.

The most important modules in CRM Software Solutions in Singapore are:

Quick Lead Capture:

Automatically hold leads from different sources such as:

  • Through QR code scans.
  • Third-party integration: Indiamart, Just Dial and many more.
  • Capturing Social Media Lead: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Enquiry form filling
Lead Management :

Lead management is the strategy of sales  and customer relationship management in many cases. This important connectivity provides professional profitability through the acquisition of new customers, selling existing customers and branding of the market. This process is also accurately referred to as customer acquisition management.

Sales Management System:

A visual sale can work as easy as possible with pipelinedeals. It helps you get full visibility of your deals in these steps. You will be able to quickly see how many deals are in each stage, sort them according to expected closing date and filter them.

Task Management System:
  • Plan activities updates the team through Email / SMS / Whatsapp.
  • Task assignment to team and individual employee
  • Full Task Management.
  • Open task reminder
  • Task Alert , Whenever Task didn’t complete the message via SMS, Email and WhatsApp.
Increased visibility:

Real-time visibility makes informed decisions more intensely. The purpose of automated systems is a way to easily track information with a clear data trail, which ensures data integrity. It gives better information to the employees in turn, so that they can make accurate decisions at a quick pace.

Pre-Sale Activity:

As part of this process, there are lots of advertisements and many promotional activities which are done by CRM software in the customer’s order, which we consider our opportunity and want to be fully aware of this process. Archiz CRM software in Singapore is integrated with Whatsapp marketing software, single click bulk SMS feature and email marketing feature, and WhatsApp’s Bulk Message feature.

Advantages of having #1 CRM Software in Singapore:

CRM software helps in number of ways:
  • Get real-time data
  • Keep track of customer activities
  • sales and marketing
  • Generate insights to make better decisions
  • Increase in sales opportunities
  • Predict accurate sales & Forecast
  • Gather data fast
  • Ease of CRM simplicity and integration
  • Easy Remote Access
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • User integrated analysis
  • Fully campaign management
  • Flexibility and optimization
  • Lead Generation and Follow-up Tracking

Archiz Solutions offers custom CRM solutions and many other Software Solutions, such as Business Management Software ,CRM software for BPO Services, Customer Experience Management Software, Customer Support Software,Sales Management Software, CRM software for Manufacturing Company, Travel CRM , CRM Software Study Abroad Consultants AMC Management Software, Elections Management Software and so on. And we are providing a free consultation to choose the best CRM for your business, feel free to ask any questions to our expert regarding software solutions.