CRM for Real Estate Industry

Real Estate CRM Software provides you complete tracking of Sales, Marketing & Lead generation process, By Using Real Estate CRM Software will get  advanced access control, analytical dashboards and multiple third-party APIS integrations to ensure that it can satisfy the most complex business requirements. 

CRM software for Real Estate will help brokers,& Sales agents to work more efficiently. It helps in managing workloads, contacts, client interactions, forecast sales, and many other important processes.

Real Estate CRM Software will simplify the real estate sales cycle upto 80%,which increases business growth upto 70%.

Real Estate CRM  separates your row data into three categories, Enquiry , Leads & Clients modules, giving your sales team the power to prioritise which enquiries need more attention. Categorise your leads by status, Complete history management of previous conversation, schedule your follow-ups & upcoming task and increase chances close to more deals.

Benefits of Using CRM Software for Real Estate Industry

Lead Generation and Consolidation

Real Estate CRM Software will be easily integrated with Social Ads, Landing Pages, Website, QR CODE, Listing Sites, & email campaign so that you can capture leads more efficient way. 

Followup and Sales

In Real Estate CRM Software number option available for leads follow ups, Such as via SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Telephone & Video meeting Tools.

Property listings

Add your properties with all the needed specifications through a user-friendly interface and always be up-to-date with their status. Upload media files and brochures & offer per property.

Centerlized Data

With the help of Real Estate CRM, you can easily organize all the information in one place. Various location of information related to many lead generation streams can be arranged and organized which is available from any device, whether it is a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Personalize Your Services

Instead of sending an automatic response to each customer,  CRM for Real estate helps you by doing this automatically based on activity. 

For real estate, the Archiz Solutions can increase sales growth upto 80%, increasing overall Sales performance, as well as helping the brokers to provide their best services.

Key features CRM solution for Real Estate Company
  • Contact Management System
  • Sales Lead Tracking
  • Property management and Document Management
  • Email / SMS / WhatsApp automation and follow-up tracking
  • Strong multichannel support
  • Distributing leads to the right agent, no matter where they are – anytime, anywhere.
  • Analytical Reporting and Dashboard
  • Partner Tools and Task Management

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