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Does the healthcare industry need a customer relationship management system to help them ? CRM can facilitate patient – centered healthcare . Having a CRM system that can track your patients , medications that provide care , and other important information can help you understand a patient’s condition . CRM allows you to track each customer from a micro and macro perspective ( because a customer is a customer ). From a micro point of view , CRM can provide you with a patient health chart . At the macro level , this allows you to extract data about the overall customer base , which can help you make better decisions about your business as a whole .

Features of CRM Software for Healthcare

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Build Communication Path

Healthcare CRM software helps hospitals run efficiently and processes the following models of communication: doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, Customer to the hospital, patient to a hospital administrator Management.

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Automate Daily Tasks

You can boost productivity by automating manual tasks such as sending and confirming appointments, sending emails, generating invoices, and managing patients and related tasks, all from one dashboard.


Reduction Of Expenses

Healthcare Industry CRM allows hospital's to make a proper allocation of your money in different areas like advertisements for different areas, road shows. for other outside vendors. Healthcare CRM provides you graphical views of analytical data in the form Reports & Dashboard, that helps to track complete process & expense you have spent.


Cost Effective

Healthcare CRM Software reduce the cost of patient life cycle, reduce the patient nurturing cost, and also remove the cost of marketing.


Transparency Of Data

CRM software for Healthcare also provides the possibility of facilitating interaction between doctors. They gain access to data from patients, including medical tests, diagnostics, and previous remedies provided by other doctors, which are very important for better understanding of new problems and to conclude the conclusions about each patient journey.


Improve Decisions Efficiency

Detailed insights on which branch or clinic has the highest number of patient visits and which departments account for the most revenue are available through reports. You can also monitor the amount of revenue each doctor generates.

Why choose us

  • Centralize patient information

  • Patient appointments

  • Patient diagnosis

  • Online Multiple Doctor Appointment Booking

  • Integrated with Video Tools & Telephone

  • Store patient-scanned reports and documents

  • Patient medical history, add details and attach documents

  • Handles Patient centric workflows

  • Electronic health Record 

  • Follow patients for return visits or checkups

  • Know the upcoming appointments of doctors

  • Use Healthcare CRM on all devices

CRM for Healthcare

Medical CRM software

Nowadays, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solutions are in great demand among companies  Large, medium, small businesses, and also CRM for healthcare Industry use them to strengthen cooperation and improve customer services, thus, achieve the trust of their partners and customers. Archiz Medical CRM software for Healthcare and Medical Industry simplify hospital processes & increase the patient satisfaction upto 80%.

For Healthcare Industry, the Archiz Solutions can improve the administrative activities of the Hospital, while increasing overall performance, as well as helping the patience support executive to provide their best services. 


The quantity of patients a specialist needs to see day by day is ever expanding, while the time per visit is contracting. Simultaneously, you should have a relationship with every patient and take into account their individual needs. It appears to be a Sisyphean undertaking. 

That is the reason quiet centralize undertaking without a CRM in the social insurance industry. 

This apparatus can assist you with drawing in new patients, tailor administrations to all the more likely suit distinctive patient gatherings, oversee specialist persistent connections, and make patients dynamic members in their social insurance by connecting with them and estimating their fulfillment. 

In the event that you choose to go for a custom arrangement, we at Greenice would be glad to help you. We have fabricated a few custom clinical programming frameworks that are being utilized by an assortment of claims to fame including an exercise based recuperation center, an emotional well-being association, a home medicinal services specialist co-op, and a helped living office. We can assist you with making a human services CRM arrangement that: 

Meets your requirements 100% 

Is adaptable to oblige future changes 

Is secure and HIPAA agreeable.

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