#1 Order Management Software


In today’s environment, it is necessary to create a comfortable shopping experience for retail and wholesale businesses. Archiz Solutions provide efficient order processing workflows to ensure that all channels’ orders are managed in one place.

Key features of Order Management Software.

Order Management Software covers all the features that you need to control your orders on all sales channels and maintain strong customer loyalty and customer relationships.

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Multichannel Order Management

Wherever your customers buy your product, sell them by selling all orders from every channel. Third Party API integrates with the leading ecommerce platform and online marketplace using high performance, scalable and purpose-built connectors. Avoid oversizing and missed opportunities even during peak period with high order quantity, so that your business is holding back without software.

Integrated point of sale

Integrated Point of Sale

Whether you sell through brick-and-mortar stores, trade shows, or events, Archiz Point of Sale System enables you to capture orders, customer information and payments through our intuitive, integrated apps. View product details and real-time listing levels, handle exemptions and promotions, and process returns and exchanges. With offline capabilities, data is maintained at one place in the synchronised way.


Customizable Order Workflow

Create your own order status to build your own custom fields to track sales, order workflow and define additional data. Determine your sales order process and choose whether to list, fulfill, ship, allocate invoices and take payment, automatically monitor the status of the order in each step.


Flexible shipping and 3PL integration

Automate the creation of shipping labels with strong integration of shipographer and shipment and various 3PL systems, such as shipping aggregators. Once their orders are sent, inform the customers whether you meet with partial warehouses, partially complete.

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Automate Order Processing

Automatically allocate inventory, route orders for the right warehouse, and invoice sales using advanced workflow automation. You make rules to automate your back office and the entire order-to-cash process.

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Order Workflow Management

Manually order Entry Or import bulk order from CSV & Excel File. When adding orders, add pop-up messages to customers and products to create alerts for your employees. After selling all existing inventory to the customer to terminate any wrong communication, include the sales message for the closed product.

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Manage back order and pre-order

In order to move out of the stock item, the status of the inventory will clearly indicate that they are unrelated, and for partially allocated orders, individual items can be broken back into the order. Raise the linked purchase orders so that the list is automatically allocated when the goods arrive in the warehouse.

Partial supply and drop shipping

Adopt any level of balance between internal supply or drop shipment for some channels or areas, or it is completely automated.

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Sales analysis reporting

Find your most loyal customers or the biggest spenders, report on your most popular products, categories and brands, and see which channels are performing the best. Accurate Forecast and filters to allow for easy analysis.

Configurable Return Workflows

your sales orders for credit in one easy step and raise a new order for an exchange or refund. How and when to choose inventory, it is allowed to keep it back in stock, written or quarantined.

Customize customer's terms for wholesalers

By specifying your pricing lists and exemptions, manage your business and wholesale customers by setting your agreeing payment terms, credit limit, account owner and more. Easily see their full order and financial history. Direct quote, proforma, order confirmation, invoice and statement from direct order and send.

Integrate your accounting data

Integrated, real-time accounting journals are automatically posted at different stages of the life of an order. Automatically identify revenues and taxes, update bank activity and check the cost of goods sold. Your P & L, balance sheet and accounts of accounts payable are up-to-date without manual intervention.

The benefits of Order management Software for your business

Managing the sales order process manually takes time and frustration for both employees and customers. Repeated use of advanced automation for order processing and delivery time, to increase the purchase rate and more lifetime customer value.

Collage, process and manage all your orders from all your sales channels in the same platform. By integrating with your e-commerce store, you will end up manual order processing so that your team can focus on the activities that enhance your business.

Reduce the tedious and time consuming tasks that your employees try to give them the tools they need to be skilled. Support your daily responsibilities with integrated accounting so that time is spent in scaling the business.

Mistakes on orders are expensive and harmful for your business. Stimulate your competitive edge by providing your customers with a frictionless experience and get the right product every time.

“Our products are getting your customers faster,and more accurate than ever before. We want to reach the best products by increasing online business and looking at new sales channels. We want to be as flexible, efficient and effective as possible and with Archiz Solutions, we can do this. “