Sales CRM Software in Mumbai

Sales CRM Software in Mumbai

Sales CRM Software basically helps you to centralize the customer data, helps you to manage customer data, track sales, lead generation, and customer interaction.

Archiz leading #1 Sales CRM Software Development company in Mumbai, By using Sales CRM Software in Mumbai you would be able to maintain long term Customer relationship with your new and old Customer,  it is very easy to implement in your organization to recognize the actual needs of the customer and help them in a genuine way. The implementation of the Sales CRM Software can give the fruitful result to your business.

Why your sale team need sales CRM Software in Mumbai?

Sales CRM Software allows you to manage relationships with B2C and B2B customers and help you to increase business with a reputed customer. By using Sale CRM Software your sales team will increase sales by 70%.

Importance of points to have a Sales CRM Software in Mumbai:

  • With the help of Sales CRM Software, you could be able to analysis easily Customer Data & history. 
  • Our Sales CRM Software helps you to connect customers and to predict customer needs efficiently and increase business.
  • By using Sales CRM Software, you can easily track customer data and can be used to identify which customers can be beneficial or not.
  • Sales CRM System helps you to centralized to all the customer data, helps you to access customer data anytime on fingertips.
  • Helps you to save time and enhance productivity by 80%.
  • With the help of Sales CRM Software, you would be able to deal with all customer & client more effective way, helps you to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Sales CRM Software helps to improve the chances of getting more contracts which eventually enhance income and profit.

Sales CRM Software in Mumbai have the following features:

Enquiries management

Quick Enquiry Capture, Off-Line Enquiry Capture & On-Line Enquiry Capture, Enquiry scores, website activity, recent purchases, calls to support, and whatever you need is on a screen, there is no need to search that information.

Sales Pipeline Management

You will be able to see the complete visualization of the Sales Process, divided into stages. Sales CRM Software helps to sales reps and teams manage the often complex processes that drive deals to close.A clear perspective data view on what’s happening now, for example how your recent leads are created, what is the current status of the leads.

Email Integration

 All your emails about deals are added to the system database and you can also send emails with the Sales CRM System.

Reports and Analytics

Agent/Sales reps performance, your sales matrix, any problem and you need something else. You would be able to see the complete journey of customer/ sales team in a single view.

Automation Equipment

System will take care of lead scoring, scheduling, and other repetitive tasks so that you can focus on more important things.

Sales CRM Databases

All information about your sales, customers are in one place, are clearly organized and securely stored. In addition, all team members can access the database, so if they need to take a separate sales representative from the customer, they can quickly check what the issue is and what has already been done.

Key features of Sales CRM Software in Mumbai

  • Client management
  • Lead management
  • Contract management
  • Complete Customer Support Management
  • Client/Account management
  • Sales team and Customer Opportunity Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Analytics & Report Management
  • Workflow and Approvals
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Campaign management:Whatsapp, SMS, EMAIL Campaign
  • Territory/Security Management
  • Business management
  • Order Management for Consumer Products/services/ Inventory
  • Report management
  • User management
  • Task Management
  • Interactive Dashboard View
  • Data Management: Easily Data import and exports
  • Complete Sale CRM Feature

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