Online Booking Software For Hospitals

online booking software for hospital

Archiz specializes in developing online doctor appointment solutions for doctors, hospitals and nursing homes. Our product portfolio includes some high-performance appointment service solutions for leading organizations. We combine our technical skills and innovative ideas to provide the best solution to meet your requirements. Our medical appointment scheduling software is a central server solution for managing appointments in your clinic and reception area.


Patient scheduling systems can handle highly complex procedures and programs, such as managing hospital appointments. The patient scheduling system can also be quickly implemented through small private clinics; the friendly user interface allows doctors, medical staff, and patients to have full access from their PC, tablet, or mobile phone, thereby maximizing control of their schedule with minimal effort.

As the population increases, the demand for health care services also continues to grow, and the number of patients seeking medical care in hospitals, medical institutions, groups and doctors’ clinics has also greatly improved.


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These bring new challenges to facility personnel and administrators. Online scheduling software is a latest technological advancement, which makes the appointment process of patients and administrators in the hospital easier. We provide solutions that bridge the gap between patients and doctors. They give patients the flexibility to make appointments with nearby doctors. Our experienced team of developers understand your requirements very well and provide the latest solutions.


The main function provides optimized appointment arrangement

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• Our appointment planning platform allows to set up, configure and manage employee calendars and resource availability.

• Our access management application provides mobile users with the option to schedule and check in appointments.

• The administrator interface allows to configure the working hours of clinics and doctors, appointment capacity, overbooking restrictions, appointment type, appointment duration, etc.

• Easily set up complex processing methods involving multiple stages, employees and resources. The system will automatically search for the best plan to arrange all required personnel and resources.

• The calendar owner interface allows you to open and close the calendar, manage changes in employee timetables, reschedule appointment blocks, etc.

• Clinic and medical office staff interface, used to schedule appointments and check appointments arranged through other channels.

• Easily manage the waiting list, and automatically assign the published calendar period to pending appointment requests based on priority and urgency.

• Automated reminder reminders will send reminders to patients, including appointment details, preparation instructions, etc. These reminders can be printed when scheduling an appointment, or they can be emailed / sent as SMS a few hours after the appointment.

• Integrate patient appointment data with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and any HL7 compatible software.

• Scalable dating software that can be used in any number of hospitals, medical practices, clinics and doctors.

• All configuration settings are based on parameters, without programming, can be done remotely from the server and immediately affect all departments. 


Benefits of online doctor appointment system:

• Comments about doctors can help people find the right doctor that meets their requirements

• People can get information about doctors in their area

• You can check the location of the doctor on the map

• Provide a unified scheduling platform for all channels and self-service.

• Reduce operating costs by simplifying patient arrangements and improving staff efficiency.

• Self-service plan can provide patients with a better service experience.

• Optimize the schedule and make better preparations before the patient sees a doctor, thereby improving the quality of treatment.


• Make it easy to schedule doctor appointments

• Doctors can handle appointments anytime and anywhere

• Provide language-specific online healthcare activities or medical assistance

• New doctors can start a career

• Provide emergency services

• Healthcare education video

• Healthcare online training

• People can search by doctor name, clinic name, hospital unit, region, space, insurance

We use the most advanced technology to develop an online doctor appointment system for you. Our solution has some high-end features, such as:

Patient / Visitor:

• You can browse the doctor’s personal information

• Can read professional information of doctors • View the history of old appointments

• Add / change personal information

• register log in

• Doctors can be found based on profession, name and location

• Can make appointments at flexible times and dates

• Can cancel appointments through its user page


• You can create your own profile page

• You can edit their information from the profile area.

• Can edit their schedule

• Can edit the available time on a specific date • Can confirm or reject appointments

• Google Maps integration on the profile page

• Can register on the website and indicate interest in becoming a member


• Can manage the doctor’s specialty

• Can manage doctors

• Can manage doctor’s schedule

• Can manage doctor’s vacation

• Can manage appointments

• Can view appointment statistics


• Can manage patients

The unique advantages of our medical planning software:

• Completely flexible, it can meet various types of medical procedures, such as operating room, emergency room, laboratory, outpatient, etc.

• The solution can be expanded from a single clinic to a clinic chain or hospital of any size.

• Easy maintenance through remote configuration-no need to install software in the clinic.

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