CRM Software in Egypt

CRM Software in Egypt

Archiz provide fully dynamic and 100% customization CRM software in Egypt. Our CRM Software is designed to effectively manage and analyze customers in your organizations. Archiz Solutions is leading # 1 CRM software development company in Egypt. We focus on increasing your company’s sales by strengthening the bond between your company and existing customers. In today’s marketing business, CRM is an important factor in success.

How CRM Software in Egypt will help your Business ?

Archiz CRM Software in Egypt  is very helpful in internal sales and you can maintain a successful relationship with your existing customers. Business owners can track deals and offers with their customers.

By Using Archiz CRM Software in Egypt, you can add a list of customer information to your sales deals and activities so that you can stop the deal in less time and with a better Leads conversion.

CRM Software in Egypt helps a business in recognizing, understanding, and supporting your clients so that losing revenue as a result of incomplete data is not a problem.

Different components of Archiz CRM Software in Egypt :

  • SALES CRM Software
  • MARKETING CRM Software
  • SOCIAL CRM Software
  • MOBILE CRM Software

Egypt CRM software development company provide number of advantages are as follows:

Leads Management:

Lead management is the process of capturing leads, monitoring their activities and estimating their abilities.

Business management:

Business management is a strategy or tool that gives companies the ability to define the parameters of the deal, including customer’s history, product status.

Email integration system:

Email is still one of the most common ways to communicate using vendors. The presence of email within the CRM Software for Egypt can be a major productivity increase without switching to multiple devices every time

Multiple User Management

CRM software in Egypt enables each agent and sales executive to use it from anywhere with their login so that they can update their full details in real time. It provides cloud-based applications that enable the agent to log in at any time to improve relationships.

Customer Support management:

Customer Support management is designed to organize issues because they have been reported and keep track of all the improvements.

Sales Management:

The sale pipeline is the purchasing process that leads the customers to the companies when the products are filtered through fixed workflow.

Mobile Applications:

With the mobile app, CRM software can help you get along with customer data. When you are away from your computer, it can help you with notes, step deals and rescheduling appointments.

Important modules of Archiz CRM Software in Egypt :

  • Sales automation and workflow
  • Documents Management
  • WhatsApp Bulk Messages Integration
  • 100% Customizable CRM Software
  • inventory management
  • Sales quotation Management
  • Task Management
  • Product database Management
  • Customer support and trouble ticket
  • Business Management
  • knowledge base
  • Marketing automation
  • lead generation
  • Marketing campaign support
  • inventory management
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Third Party API Integration

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