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Did you know why Custom CRM Software best for your business 2020

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The information you can obtain from your CRM database is an important resource. Obtaining real-time information at the touch of a button can help you make the right management decisions for your business. Did your current CRM Software give you what you want?

Archiz Solutions are quality providers of Custom CRM Software solutions that support. The management and administration of your business. Archiz Custom CRM software developers can create a Custom CRM solution designed for your specific requirements. This will be perfectly matched with your workflow, business type and industrial sector.

  • Avoid the cost and hassle of installing software on each computer.
  • Save time and money and increase responsiveness in your workflow.
  • Support the future expansion of the business.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with secure and centralized technology.
  • Forget about time-consuming IT licensing problems.
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Stream your customers with customer service CRM

Key Features of a Custom CRM Solution:

• The Custom CRM Systems we design and build are intuitive and easy to use for your employees. CRM interface is simple because it only includes functions and features related  to your business. Custom CRM is easy to learn, saving your time and money both. And ensuring a better level of staff participation.

• You can grow as your business grows, new functions, capabilities, features of reports can be added profitably with a custom CRM software solution. You have complete control and you won’t need to buy a completely new system every time you need to make changes. While using Custom CRM Software, you can customize any feature any time you want.

• It is flexible with a custom CRM application, it is not necessary. Don’t need to purchase separate licenses for a number of users.

• It is robust and secure, allowing you to access your business data 24/7. From any PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone connected to the web. You can control who can access the different sections of your system. By configuring your own authority / permission access controls. The powerful built-in security protects against unauthorized access to the CRM system.

• Increase workflow efficiency, saving your time and money. Having several versions of spreadsheets & other format of documents. Not only takes a long time, but also leaves your company vulnerable to errors. That cannot be easily detected until it is too late. A Custom CRM solution helps optimize your business processes. So you can do more in less time and more accurately.

• It will give you accurate visibility of your sales funnel data. While using custom CRM Software, you can enjoy an overview of real-time management of business performance. And produce customized reports at the touch of a button. Our custom CRM applications also feature integrated with third party API’s, such as login access, voice recording, auto-dialer and many more features that facilitate employee performance monitoring.

Common uses of Custom CRM:

Customer relationship management improves customer relationships and can boost business growth. The information contained in the client management software is spread across multiple departments. And can influence how a company interacts with them. Mutual areas within a professional that sales Agents use Custom CRM include:

  • Sales, monitoring of the main activity, management of the sales portfolio, & tracking of follow-up activities.
  • Marketing: Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • Management:  Allocating leads and tasks, observing customer status and follow-up activities.
  • Accounting:  Customer waiting for credit, creating and issuing invoices
  • Customer services:  Support tickets, customer surveys

Custom CRM modules of platforms include:

  • Accounts and contact management
  • Contacts and consumer portal
  • Activity and history management
  • Quotes, sales orders and billing
  • Attached files
  • Microsoft Exchange Integration
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Reasons Why Business Use Custom CRM Software

Custom CRM features :

  • Consume any pre-existing database, like MS Access, MS Excel, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Built-in data validation, incomplete customer information
  • Assign roles and user permissions in a secure environment
  • Define and customize workflow processes, states and actions, Activation of notifications,   approval authorizations
  • Easily create your own reports and panels
  • Automated data backups.
  • Implement workflow and business logic.
  • Easily integrates with other systems using the BPA platform

What are the benefits of custom CRM software?

  • No more error-prone spreadsheets as a database
  • Pay and use CRM segments that are unique to your business
  • Easily add new users
  • Ability to build a secure CRM system for exact business requirements
  • Elasticity to create added applications for different departments.
  • Access applications on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices
  • Support the future expansion of the business.
  • Eliminate IT license issues

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