Learn to manage the sales team during COVID-19 (1)

Learn to manage the sales team during COVID-19

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The COVID-19 healthcare crisis is converting the world to shape. Businesses are growing online and teams are working from home.

When managing a remote team, you must communicate transparently and effectively. Managers need to introduce clearly defined guidelines to avoid any misunderstandings.

At the same time, make sure that your team is safe and supported during this transition. Identify their needs, send them useful suggestions and information, and check on them often.

Project Management Software

How to manage work from home employee performance during COVID-19

Supportive leadership will set a positive tone and assure your team and your customers that you are capable of dealing with this crisis.

Sales managers should revaluate their goals and introduce new tools and techniques into the workflow.

In this article, we are going to give you useful tips to manage your sales team and your representative remotely efficiently.

How to set up equipment to monitor your company’s health

Sales businesses are responsible for managing multiple customer relationships at various stages of the sales pipeline.

A Sales CRM Software helps simplify and streamline this process in an office but becomes important in a remote work environment. Sales CRM Software allows you to digitally monitor the work of your sales team and improve customer relationships from home.

Most importantly, Sales CRM Software provides transparency by allowing each sales team member access to each other’s sales pipelines.

For example, you may have a sales team who becomes difficult to boost productivity from home during this crisis. If so, another representative should expect some communication in his absence.

Sales CRM Software allows for a seamless transition, with leads, customers, opportunities, deals, and communications from the sales team to store in the system.

Sales CRM Software dashboard will be providing you ground zero sales report during this crisis. You can track team-wide stats, deal flows, hot leads, forecasts and more. Now more than ever, you need to focus your efforts on immediate needs, and a CRM solution simplifies that effort.

How to get the best value from your existing tools

Look in your wheel to find out which current tools would be most useful in this situation.

For example, a top priority right now can identify your most affected customers as to how you can help. Which tools can you optimize or display that will provide the most value?

Perhaps your company needs lead management Software. If so, your customers may need advice on automating their lead nurturing process in this COVID-19 time .

How to prevent your deal flow from being too heavily affected

Some customers will be more negatively affected by this crisis than others. Whether it is a low budget or low bandwidth, their status means they will need to cancel their membership or stop buying their products. You should expect it and react with understanding their business needs.

However, you still need to sell and maintain your business. The best way to keep your deal flow from crashing is to identify your most affected customers and leads. Reach out to them to acknowledge their difficulties and ask them if and how you can help.

Perhaps you have a CRM Software, facility, or product that you are not actively promoting that can provide value in this new reality. Explain how this software can help and offer free performance. If they are still not able to proceed, then respect this decision and follow up when normalcy returns.

How to respond to declining sales and changing consumer behavior

The whole world is under a lot of pressure right now. People are losing their jobs, adjusting to new realities, and, above all, focusing on staying healthy and safe.

This stress will have a negative impact on your sales metrics and your customer behavior. The best thing you can do for your team is to teach them to handle this pushback with integrity.

How you can optimize sales processes to be short

Improving sales efficiency is always a top priority for sales team. In this climate, there is little time to waste. People need help right now and they can trust your business to succeed.

Automation tools can be incorporated into many sales funnel phases of your sales team. By using feature of sales management software called manual tasks management, you can remove hours from sales activity and free up valuable time.

What can you do to help your representative identify leads in this climate that may benefit from your product or service? What guidance can you give them to help you sales team?

If you rely on outbound sales processes to build relationships and close deals, how can you create a seamless transition to inside sales?

Know the stages of your sales and redefine your matrix. Take into account all factors that will be affected by this crisis and create clear, updated guidelines. Do what you can to help your representative accelerate the customer journey and get them moving through the funnel faster.

How to react if your business is truly benefiting from the COVID-19 crisis

Some businesses will benefit from this crisis. Online streaming services, video conferencing services, and many more.

If you fall into this category, you are lucky. But, with all your outreach during this crisis, you should be courteous about your success and refrain from boasting about any sales.

In the Last words:

Sales teams should be especially careful about how they come into the current climate. No one wants to go through this crisis as an attempt to profit, but you still need to stop selling and the flow of your deal from falling.

You can navigate these rough waters by putting your team’s health and safety first and your business second. Customize your existing tools and processes to streamline the sales effort inside you and support your team as they adjust to working remotely.

By doing this, you are setting your team up for success. In return, they will feel less pressured and more willing and able to achieve productivity from home.

Set up your Sales CRM Software, evaluate existing tools, and identify customers and needs. From there, focus on helping rather than selling and will come closer organically.

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