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Before buying CRM software, you should ask a few questions

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Q1. Does the CRM software works for your type of company?

Ans: Put another way, if you are a small business, then does CRM support small businesses, or is it better for big enterprises?

Q2. How is this rate for easy access?

Would it be a challenge to train employees to use it? Is the interface to team members more technically challenged (but perhaps in a gift in sales)?

Q3. Implementing Custom CRM Software?

If your company and your team need unique needs, then a size-fit-all approach can not work well for you. Are CRM implementations included in the desired optimization?

Q4. Does it have all the features you need?

Most CRM tools have lead generation, prospect nurturing, sales quotation and invoicing and order tracking capabilities. Is its sales forecasts? What about competitive tracking? Will it help you nurture your sales prospects?

Q5. Will this work with other software you’ve already used?

Does it come with the API? Will it integrate with other software solutions and tools you use?

Q6. Looking at the number of users you use, what is the total cost of CRM software?

Some teams may have a high-turnover, so you should consider the max team size to calculate the total cost. Find out if there is an extra charge or not. Do they charge for the installation, or are there any other hidden costs? If you do not find enough information, then reach them, and if so, consider the cost of adding additional users.

Q7. Does CRM Software provider provide you support if you needed?

On that note, is it easy to reach them? Most CRM software solutions do not support 24 hours, so consider whether you really need this feature.

Q8. How does the CRM rent with security protocols and measures?

Will this protect your business data? More importantly, will it protect your customers’ data? If there is any disruption – will your data be safe and accessible?

Q9. What are the limitations of CRM?

What are those things that can not do short-listed in CRM? This is probably the most important question because it can be a big pain if you think you need a facility that is not being provided. For example, if you need email marketing capabilities, then you have to get another tool (e.g., say, MailChimp) and integrate it with your CRM, which can be expensive and time-consuming, and easy Exemplary diligence can be avoided.

I hope you find this practice useful in your ‘search’. Please leave a comment below if you need any extra help to choose your CRM software and we will do our best to assist you.

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