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Everything you need to know about Whatsapp marketing Software

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When people discuss about social media marketing strategy, they often think of popular traditional networks such as Facebook and Twitter. But the Messaging app is holding slowly – and by the number of active monthly users, they already have it.

It is clear that business messaging apps can not be ignored. In addition to the fast growing user base, these apps provide two major functionality that do not have traditional network-personalization and authenticity. The business is based on the creation of relationships, and all relationships begin with negotiation. Looking at it, it is easy to see that there can be great help for messaging platform brands like WhatsApp.

While some of which we have already written about Messenger, some of them still apply, Whatsapp is unique in some ways. The forum has more than 1.5 billion monthly users, and it looks like the number will continue to grow. But before we come into the details, it is important to understand what you can do on the platform.

What is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a messaging platform that uses the Internet connection of your phone to send messages, images, files or to voice calls to other WhatsApp users. There is also a business edition of Whatsapp, called What’s Business, where you can get all the features of the common version and additional features. However, Whatsapp Business is currently available for Android only.

To use Whatsapp, you have to download it first, and then set it using your phone number. App Whatsapp will use your phone contacts to show a list of users that you can chat with. If someone has your number saved on their phone, they will also see you in their list.

At Whatsapp, you can either chat with individual users, or create groups with up to 256 people and chat with them all.

WhatsApp Marketing Software Strategy

While Whatsapp is a great platform for your business, there are some limitations with it. For example, Whatsapp does not support ads, nor does it have the concept of business account. This means that the brand has to be more creative in that way when they contact potential customers through the platform.

Whatsapp’s group chat limits are also a poor option for large scale campaigns, because you are limited to 256 people at a time.

Here are some suggestions that you should keep in mind when running a campaign on WhatsApp:

Real-time customer chat

Through Whatsapp, you will be able to provide customer service in real time. There are many features like Whatsapp, Chat, and Voice or Video Call, which you can use to support your customers. This not only benefits from better customer service, but also ensures that you are able to provide direct and personalized treatment to your users.

This is not just customer service, for which Whatsapp can be used. You can use WhatsApp to order from your customers or to give them special discounts.

Using the Whatsapp web to optimize your service can also be a good idea. Using your computer’s keyboard and webcam, you can provide unique support to your users.

Use Complete features of Whatsapp

There are so many features in Whatsapp that you can use for your benefit. For example, the platform has its own status feature, which allows you to upload posts in the form of disappearances after 24 hours. If you want to be less aggressive in your marketing, you can use it, but it is a great way to announce your sales or offer of a flash to your customers. For example, you can ask them to take a screenshot of the QR code on your story and present it to your shop to get a discount on your purchase.

At the top of the status feature, you can share your location with the inquiries customers. If someone wants to know where your store is, you can send them locations directly in WhatsApp. The recipient will then be able to open it on his phone in Google Maps.

Finally, there is also a payment facility in WhatsApp, which allows you to send and receive money through the use of UPI. For the first time you use WhatsApp, it will ask you to set your UPI, after which you can get money, or send refunds to your customers. However, this will only work if your customers have WhatsApp payments installed.

Make messages more attractive

Whatsapp offers different formatting options to make your messages appear attractive. To emphasize some parts of your message, you can either italize or bold parts of your text. To italize the text, place it between underscores, and to make it bold, place it between asterisks.

Make messages more attractive

Whatsapp offers different formatting options to make your messages appear attractive. To emphasize some parts of your message, you can either italize or bold parts of your text. To italize the text, place it between underscores, and to make it bold, place it between asterisks.

Also remember that you can send GIF, pictures and videos with your text. This can make your text more attractive to readers. You can choose to add emojis in your message, as well, to add a slightly expressive nature.

But do not spam your customers with the message again and again! Make sure that you want to type everything in a message, neatly breaks into several paragraphs so that it is easy on the eyes. Try to keep your content as brief and intuitive as possible.

Whatsapp Business App

Whatsapp recently launched the business version of its app, though it is currently available for Android. The business app has all the features of common one with some additions:


At the Whatsapp Business app, you will be able to set up a business profile for your brand. You can add an email address, physical address and a small description about yourself, such as details.


You can also add labels to various active chats. For example, you can tag a particular chat “new customer”, or mark a chat as “Order Received” to monitor customer’s requests. You can also create your own labels as you need.

Quick reply:

Quick replies allow you to save and use messages that you send often, save time. For example, you can save ‘thank you for selecting us’ as “thank you” We have received your order and will be processed in the next few minutes. We hope to work with you again! “

Remote message:

You can also set a message on WhatsApp, and you can turn it on whenever you are not available to answer it. Just write a message that tells your customers that when they can expect a response, and you did.


Set your best wishes for sending your customers while they chat with you. You can use these to familiarize your customers with your brand, tell them what services you provide, and the time you are available to chat.


Archiz Solutions also provides Whatsapp Marketing Software. Here, you will be able to see how many of your messages were sent, how many were delivered, and how many actually opened and read to your audience.

It’s for us today! Have any questions, or know anything that we missed? Be sure to leave a comment below – we love to contact you!