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How Call Center Software Can help You Make Your Dreams Come True

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A call center is a facility that is equipped for an organization to handle customer interactions. These interactions are broadly termed as inbound and outbound interactions. The channels that are used in these interactions are a voice and digital mediums e.g. Email, website chat, and social media.

These interactions are controlled using an automation software known as call center software. Call center software is used to direct incoming calls / inbound calls for complaints or queries to the best available agent, or for outgoing calls /outbound calls to a targeted list of customers for the purpose of product sales and marketing Is done for.

How does call center software work?

Call center software enables agents to provide the best customer experience while being as efficient as possible. But it all depends on the nature of the business, which calls center software is suitable for your business. Whether it is an inbound process receiving inbound communication for inquiries or complaints, or it is an outbound call center focusing solely on telesales, It can also be a mixture of both. The function of call center software depends on the business of the call center.


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What are the features of call center software?

The features of call center software are divided into two parts, inbound call center features and outbound call center features which are explained in the next headlines. But below are some common features of call center software-

  • Automatic screen pop-up
  • sell control
  • Military order
  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring
  • Call barring
  • Call coaching
  • Historical report
  • Third-party integration

What are inbound call center software and its features?

The inbound call center primarily caters to all incoming requests. These incoming requests can come through any channel of the customer’s choice. From voice, business email, social media company page or a unified website chat.

Inbound call centers cater to customer inquiries and they report customer complaints to the customer support desk.


  • ACD (Automatic Call Delivery)
  • Self-service and multi-level IVR
  • Ticket generation
  • Non-working hours IVR
  • Call queue broadcast
  • Skill-based routing
  • Account-based gent
  • CIM pop up
  • Third-Party Application Integration
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Advantage of Call Center Software with CRM Integration

What are outbound call center software and its features?

An outbound call center software is an entity that generates business by making outbound calls to its customers/prospects. These calls are made to create new customers or to sell or spoil existing customers. Outbound calls are also made for market surveys or research.

An outbound dialer is an automation tool that is used to dial calls to an outbound call center. The dialer is used to automatically dial numbers without human intervention.


  • campaign management
  • Data priority
  • Multi dialing mode eg: Predictive, Progressive, Click to call dialer
  • Variable Agent Selection Criteria
  • Multiple CLI Display Options
  • Advanced Dialing Logics for Call Retreat
  • Dnc management
  • CIM pop up
  • Third-Party Application Integration

Effects of Call Center Software for Your Business?

The effect of call center software is to smooth the customer interaction process and utilize resources at the optimum level of profit. Call center software automates routine tasks. In inbound call centers, intelligent routing enables the customer’s quick response by routing the best available resource for that call.

In the case of an outbound call center when a large list of numbers has to be dialed, efficiency can be achieved using only an autodialer compared to manual dialing. And the manual dial for call back and followup will definitely fail. Call center software takes care of such important business functions.

What is the contact center software solution?

A contact center software is not limited to voice-only which is inbound and outbound calls. But also interacts on other digital channels such as email, chat and social media on an integrated platform. All channels are part of a unified software, so the customer can interact with the contact center through any channel of their choice. Customer interaction remains as per the customer’s choice to come through the channel.

The development of call center software for contacting center software is intended for customers’ inclination as well as voice channels as well as non-voice channels to use.

What is the best call center software?

There is a lot of call center software available in the market. But the best will be the one that helps streamline the operation of your business and enhance the experience of your customers. Software options must be enabled to enable the agent to provide a seamless customer experience while maintaining their efficiency. The software should be sufficient to take care of your development and future needs.

Types of contact center software solutions:

There are two types of contact center solutions available in the market-

Base based:

When a call center application is installed on a server placed in a call center, it is known as an Aadhaar based call center solution. The entire infra and hardware related to the application are under the control of the designated call center staff with client details saved in the local database, The software provider does not have control over any client data. A campus-based contact center solution is considered as the most secure type of call center solution because the database of all applications and clients is local and accessible to the call center staff.


A cloud-based call center solution is a solution where the application is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed through a browser on a computer or mobile phone. This type of set up does not require any hardware at the contact center because resources are shared but there is a limitation in terms of data security. This type of set up is used by smaller setups where they are looking for cost-effective solutions.

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What is virtual call center software?

A virtual call center software is based on a centralized architecture, where call center representatives are at different geographic locations rather than being located on the same basis. This is an enticing factor for many employees because their presence in a call center facility is not required. This type of call center software allows agents to work from home and there is no dress code or commute time.

Connectivity between different locations is provided by MPLS or WAN and the call center application is installed at one location. The data is stored and received from a centralized location.

How much does call center software cost?

The cost of call center software depends on several criteria, but the primary criteria are the application cost and the number of agent licenses for concurrent logins.

Other factors may include channel and CRM popups. This CRM can be lead management Software or ticket generation tool for complaint management, which comes in the line of customization. The integrated workflow included in CRM Software can add some cost to the overall invoice.

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How does call center software improve customer experience?

The primary objective of any call center is that the customer is satisfied at the end of the call. An efficient call center software can align the skills of the call center agent with the customer, which leads to the rich customer experience at a very early stage while building strong and reliable relationships.

There are some challenges with the use of call center software:

  • Minimum call hold time
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Optimal utilization of available resources
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Quick and easy workflow through efficient CRM

Where to get the best call center software?

A wide range of options is available in the market. The best call center software is the software that caters to the business needs of your call centers. Important things to keep in mind before choosing the software are the features mentioned above and scalability of the product. The software needs to be able to meet the needs for future expansion. Talk to our expert
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