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Why Your Retail Business Needs CRM Software

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The concept of purchases has changed dramatically over the past decades. And one survey found that shoppers currently make 50% + of online purchases. For retailers, this has created an impetus for expanding. Its online presence, even among enterprises specializing in local products.

However, as the client base of the business expands. The personalization of each interaction becomes a problem.

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Thus, one of the best ways to provide personalized experience and detailed. Retail customer relationship management is to use customer relationship management (CRM) software. The right solution will help you create a database that will help you achieve all your goals. Here are some ways to use CRM in your business.

Adapted service

Ross online store sells shoes for a good reason. For each pair that the buyer buys, the company donates the pair to a needy person. After launching in 2006, the company discovered. That it was growing at a pace that made it difficult for her to keep up. Then the company chosse Archiz CRM System.

This technology helped ROSS manage staff at the global call center. And enabled employees to provide personalized customer service to all who called. The software, in addition to providing customer stories. provides social media data for each customer. Giving employees a better idea of ​​the person at the other end of the line.

Social monitoring

In recent years, online wine sales have risen sharply. As customers discover the convenience of home delivery. The Bespoke Collection is a California wine seller who has long used CRM to manage its customer base.

In addition to tracking customer purchases, Bespoke also uses. A tool to monitor customer interactions on social networks, although. It recognizes that keeping employees updated on these interactions can be difficult.

Seamless integration

The viral video has launched recognition of the national Dollar Shave Club brand. But CRM helps him achieve his goal of providing quality customer service. Best of all, the company was able to integrate. Its CRM into other software that it uses to support its operations. Reducing the need to duplicate information from one solution to another.

Product information

Unlike most retailers, Zara, a clothing retailer, has built. Its business with very little advertising. It was a strategy that worked, but it also encouraged fashion retailers. To rely heavily on customer relationships. The company offers designer brands at affordable prices. So you need to track sales to determine which products are popular. Using CRM gives Zara the basic information needed for quick action when a new design hits the runway.

Loyalty programs

Landmark Group’s multinational retail chain, based in India. Took on a major project when it sought to expand its loyalty program without losing any data. The company used CRM to collect point of sale (POS) data at all its points. And then combined this information to create a working loyalty program.

The biggest problem for the company was that in some places there was no IT presence. But its CRM was configured to collect data from each POS node to ensure that none of the places were left.

Creating community

Many companies use CRM software to collect contact information. But Best Buy also saw social benefits. However, instead of just using it to track mentions. the company found a way to create an online community to achieve results.

The company integrated CRM with its bulletin board. To create additional activity in its Twitter account. Employees can easily read and respond to comments. Which further increases activity and allows. You to receive tens of thousands of messages every quarter.

Channel management

Samsonite’s luggage retailer relied on CRM software to manage. Its presence across multiple channels, optimizing the company’s relationships. With its resellers as well as direct sales to customers. Following the introduction of the new system, Samsonite has shown double-digit revenue growth. And has continued to grow since then. In addition to customer information, Samsonite uses CRM to forecast. And track product sales to determine. which products are most popular among different channels.

Any business that serves a customer base can benefit from CRM, be it B2B or B2C. For retailers, CRM can help scale up as new customers. Open their products and provide information. It’s important to choose a popular solution. Such as Archiz, that will be integrated with a wide range of business products. This will help your business as a whole integrate your CRM. With other solutions when you add them to your administrative tools.

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