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Full guidance for increase Customer Engagement

What is customer engagement? By definition, it is the process of actively building, nurturing and managing relationships with customers or end users. In the past, the concept of connecting with customers was not significantly higher than call center agents, who dealt with issues of product and answer basic customer questions. The employees were expected to …

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What is CRM?

CRM(Customer Relationship Management) When dealing with customers, clients or leads, it is not easy to stay on top of all the information your company accumulates. In this “digital” age-now that companies have to manage websites, social media channels, and online sales, its hard to wrap your head around the data and stay prepared. Here, exactly …

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CRM Software for Startups

CRM For Startups

CRM SOFTWARE For any small business, the process of selecting a CRM system can be intimidating. Businesses must identify the key features of CRM software. That will be the most important features to their organization before moving forward. If you’re a small business, searching for a Customer Relationship Management software. To help you, we’ve created …

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