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CRM refers to customer relationship management. It’s a type of software that allows you to develop a database of all your customers, and keep an eye on how and when they communicate with your company. While many companies work without CRM, avoiding actively using one can be detrimental in many ways.

You can’t remember everything

Running a business means a lot of details. And even if you write everything or otherwise document it in some way, there are many possibilities to slip through the crack for information – especially if it has to go through several hands, or many people Must contribute to the document. When you have only a handful of customers, it is easy to keep an eye on them, but it will not be the same as you expand.

A CRM lets you keep track of what is happening to each customer so that your sales team can be seen at a glance who is ready to follow, and which requires a little more nutrition. That will make the entire process more efficient for sales and marketing.

Some CRM also includes features of  Lead management Software and Sales Management Software, so that you can monitor almost everything to run your business. Better than this, you can engage in activities and events related to customers, leads, companies or deals. In this way, you can track the history of your relationships with everyone.

Email shows that really can be long

If this email has been made, then it has a record, is not it? So there is no need to worry about documenting it elsewhere. That line of thought works to some extent. But when you have exchanged 50 emails in one thread, then to replace everything, or worse, the necessary topics have changed and now they have 6 threads with about 10 email exchanges – those people To mention the number which should not be CC, on each message  or BCC – or messages sent to them – it gets very busy. And like point number one – you probably can not remember everything.

CRM makes it easy to keep track of history with every customer, and even interpersonal conversions – because when every person notes about the conversations made in the file or the actions done on the account, the next person can easily see the information that is needed and can add it. And with integration, it is possible to attach emails to the record, so the evidence of what happened to you is – without disrupting your inbox with each email.

Customer service will be successful

The standard of high quality for customer service is an essential component of customer retention. Keeping customer retention in mind, customer cost is more cost effective than acquisition, and that 44% of customers will leave business as a result of negative customer service experience, you want to do everything you can to keep them happy.

Using CRM helps your customer service team to see if someone had called or emailed for the last time about any problem – and what was done to solve the problem before that. In this way, they can give a more personalized experience to the customer, and save time because the customer does not have to explain the whole scenario again.

You can use the information given in the file to provide personalized greetings to each customer, depending on the information you provided on file about them. For example, if Mohit calls you, then you can greet him with “Hi Mohit, thanks to being a valued customer since 1999, I see that the last purchase made by you was an XYZ. Is this what you are saying about today? “

Data-driven materials

Your CRM is a great source of data that your customers are doing, and even you can give them the information they need. If you see that there are so many calls regarding a particular product, then that means you need to add more information about it to your website. Perhaps you need a clear product manual.

If you note that a lot of people who buy a product, but many do not buy – it can be time to adjust your marketing strategy or to cut that product with your offerings. If you note that there are so many complaints about customer service that all come back to an agent, then it can indicate that it is time to change that agent.

Think about it. Can you easily decide how many successful projects have you done in the last month? Is quarter past? Do you know your conversion rate? Do you know, what is the best way to reach your customers? Yes, you can probably understand it with some complex Excel spreadsheets with formulas and calculations, but who has the time for it? Dig the spreadsheet and let CRM be heavy for you.

Viewing data from your CRM and other sources can help you make a decision that will help your business grow. In this way, you are not playing a guessing game, trying to see a random approach to see what works for your business. This data can also help you estimate your future, so you know that when you need to increase your work with demand, with other things.

The organization can make or create you

Keeping everything organized in your business is paramount for your success. A CRM can play a major role in ensuring whatever remains organized. I am convinced that you think that email, calendar, and other work management systems are systematically enough, but those systems will work only in the short run.

The reality is that workflows are not able to grow – and you want something that can grow easily with you. The more organized you are from the beginning, the better the better. You will not see any business failing because it was too systematic.

You could be losing your money

Because a CRM helps you to make your workflow more efficient, you are saving time – which we all know is money. Your team can spend less time by printing fewer pages, saving paper (and environment), which makes them more productive because they can spend more time closing deals. Also, every time you lose track of a contact in the old way of doing things, you can lose one big thing.

Choosing the right CRM for your business

There are so many CRM options available on the market today. When the wrong system is selected, or the program is not implemented correctly with your other system, it can cause disaster. This is the reason why you should take a lot of time to research the options before you are committed to your business.

Some questions to be asked while evaluating the CRM for use in your business:

Is it easy to use? You have to train everyone about how to use it, so if everyone takes a lot of time to use it, then it can beat the purpose. Look for something that is still simple, yet you have all the features you need.

How fast can we pick and run it? You want something that is easy, so that you do not have to invest in a lot of equipment, or you have to hire an IT team to set up and manage it for you. Cloud-based solutions are a good option because not only is it easy to get them up and running, but it keeps data accessible from an Internet connection anywhere. Many of them also include a mobile app, which makes it possible to access data from your smartphone or tablet.

Is it integrated with other applications that the business is already using? Because a part of CRM is as centralized as much as possible – and organizing data entry – you do not want to enter the same information at 15 locations.In this way, you should choose the option of a solution that is integrated with other applications that you are already using, such as Gmail, Mailchip, and more. You do not want to change your entire workflow to accommodate CRM – or you may be setting yourself and your team for anarchy.

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