Result Oriented Ways to Manage a Successful Sales Team

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Managing a successful sales team can be equally difficult for both a newly-promoted sales representative and an experienced manager. While this may require comparatively little effort, in fact, successful sales team management is a burden that can only be handled with patience and dedication. We have prepared a shortlist of the most efficient ways to deal with such responsibility and not to fall flat on its face.

Key strategy to manage sales team in 2020

There are plenty of effective ways to manage a sales team, yet they can only be done on a case by case basis, based on your business’s general goals, deadlines, sales processes and other specifications. However, there are some common steps that can affect sales team management and overall results.

Hire the Best Sales reps

Simple as it may sound, your team’s performance depends directly on the individual results of each and every  Sales reps. For that reason, it is necessary to find the best sales representative that will fit your team perfectly and improve your customer experience

Segment your team

All your employees have strengths and weaknesses. So who said that you cannot use them to your advantage? Analyze your team’s performance and find a way to leverage the special skills and knowledge of your workers!

Take care of your teams’ education

One of the main suggestions for managing a sales team is to continuously invest in their education. You can only be successful as long as your employees develop their skills, learn new sales strategies and share their experience. That is why be sure to conduct occasional training, get access to some new tools and techniques available in the market.

Use the right tool

Speaking of devices and technologies. If you use some outdated or inappropriate software, it is almost impossible to remain productive. Thus, you should pay extra attention when choosing equipment to manage the equipment used by the sales team or your employees.

One of the powerful software tools, which will help your employees stay on top in the sales process as well as help you manage the sales team effectively, is Archiz CRM. It is a Cloud based CRM Software that fits any type of team and allows businesses to boost their customer experience and sales results. This allows you to be flexible when it comes to pricing and CRM features.

Set clear and realistic goals

All sales team management strategies include a simple point: set realistic goals that can be easily understood and achieved by your employees. We would recommend you to use SMART goals, which means that they should be simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. In this way you will be able to increase the motivation of your workers and keep an eye on their performance.

Create an effective sales process

As a sales manager, you not only have to control a sales team, but also create an efficient sales process that your employees will stick to. Of course, it is not a good idea to do this on your own, you should engage your team, get your feedback on existing workflows and ways to improve them. A properly constructed sales process will improve your team’s productivity and general results.

Give positive feedback

We all know about the carrot and stick approach. Still, is it effective when it comes to managing the sales team? In fact, many managers forget to give some positive feedback to their team, focusing only on the obstacles and failures.The thing is that positive feedback motivates employees better than any criticism or frequent comments. Thus, do not forget to encourage your employees for both a good word and monetary rewards.

Set up communication that works

Probably the most essential aspect of any teamwork is the communication within this team. Why, to achieve the desired sales result, you must build a strong company culture and establish communication that works.Some routine processes can take your team a lot of time and effort, yet if properly organized, your team will affect communication as well as their performance.

Inspire your team

If you still have a question “how not to manage the sales team”, there is one simple thing you have to avoid: being ignorant. When it comes to managing people, you should inspire them, be their role model, and encourage them to achieve more. Only in this way will you be able to build strong interpersonal relationships and can successfully manage the entire sales department.

How to manage a remote sales team

Currently, more and more employees prefer to work remotely rather than spending time for office and other everyday routines that distract from the main office focus. In the case of sales reps, this type of work is also very popular due to the nuances of the profession, which occur in the form of frequent one-to-one meetings, important networking and advanced technologies.

When managing a remote team, you must remember that trust and communication are the keys to success. First of all, you should find and appoint trusted employees who you think are the right match for the business. Furthermore, it is really important to think through the communication process, as your coworkers will work as individual units. In such a case, it is really useful to make regular phone or video calls via Hangouts & Zoom, chat in Slack and use some other sales management software such as the appropriate CRM system.

Archiz CRM – CRM Software for Startups

When choosing an optimal CRM Software for Startups to manage your team, you should not just focus on your needs. Of course, this is great if the software allows you to create reports and track the performance of each of the team members. Nevertheless, it is much better when the solution you choose is useful to your employees as well. And Archiz CRM is really such a solution.

Leading the sales team can be a big responsibility, but it is not with the Archiz CRM.

Archiz CRM is ​​a sales management Software that helps sales managers and their teams prioritize tasks to reach sales goals.

Archiz CRM  will improve your organization:

  • Sales lead management
  • Sales management
  • Sales task management
  • Sales team communication
  • Sales priority
  • Sales team organization,
  • Boost customer Satisfaction

Sales lead Management

Be on top of all your accounts by creating separate projects for each in the sales tracking software. Here you can monitor the sales pipeline so that your sales team has a high-level view of lead status and strategies. These projects can then be nested into a separate project and prioritized based on different criteria that will give the team a full understanding of sales workflow.

Sales management

Archiz CRM allows you to keep track of tasks by inputting tasks into Archiz CRM with notes, screenshots, and a due date. In addition, you can assign tasks through the mobile app, check progress on tasks and evaluate the workload of each member of the team.

Sales task management

Organize using the  CRM Software to save the customer about 30 minutes of average time per day – the time you can spend finding new prospects.

Sales team communication

Archiz CRM facilitates conversations that create a better path for sales people and team members.

Sales priority

We know how important it is to prioritize sales leads. This is why CRM Software puts the company’s priorities and needs first. This idea encourages salespeople to keep a much-needed eye on priorities and not chase a lead for long, which is no longer worth the time.

Sales Team Organization

Take advantage of our advanced features such as Gantt charts, employee performance reports, and project status reporting to ensure that your team is meeting their expectations.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

When your team is on the right track, your customers can tell! If they trust you, then there is no doubt that they will send referrals the way you do.


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