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Let’s talk about how to build a strong sales funnel

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Close win or close defeat? In other words, we can say, need to check what matters the most. Sometimes you think you do everything on earth to improve your conversion rate but still, it is not happening? You made your content completely proof-user friendly, you made an attractive offer but still, you are not getting results?

Let me tell you that this is because there is only copywriting and designing. You need to focus your attention on the sales funnel.

Let’s discuss in this post:

Steps to a sales funnel and its causes How to Fix a  Sales Funnel to Transform Sales,

What is a sales funnel?

The sales funnel is a pyramid — a journey or a path that a prospect to Potential or potential customer leads to become a customer. The funnel is the widest at the top and moves downward as prospects get closer to sales considering the few prospects left and those who convert are a smaller part of the parent group.

As you can see in the pyramid above, there are three stages in the sales funnel:

Stage 1: Attractive Leads:

This phase is basically an awareness platform. Here your leads get to know about your product or service. In this phase, they are most likely in your marketing efforts such as your advertisement, blog or article.At this stage, some of the potential customers may express further interest in your offer and the funnel will go down and it depends entirely on the selection of the business model. To do this, you need to know your target audience well.

You need to understand carefully what your target audience wants:

  • List your customers’ needs
  • How are your competitors targeting them
  • Understand if there are any areas where you can dominate.

This step basically helps to find out how your information benefits people the most. Add some substance to create a possibility to take some action. To get your message to the right point, back up your facts with emotional appeal in some social evidence.

Step 2: Compelling Action:

Now once a visitor arrives at your page, it is your main responsibility to ensure that your webpage and design does all the work. A huge difference can be seen in companies that nurture the needs of prospects.

How can you make this connection?

You can do all this by following a more proactive approach. You can reach prospects through active email campaigns that deliver the personal relevant information they need. You can see in the screenshot below how these email campaigns work:

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Most customers are impressed by such emails or reading testimonials before purchasing. 

Now, you have seen that building Customer relationships is very important. At the same time, you have to be aware that you are not disconnected from your customers. After clicking the advertisement or link land on the right page, ensure that possibility. Many automation and email marketing services help you target customers who lead themselves to the segment by specifying the type of content they are looking for.

Guiding customers through each stage of their sales funnel is about encouraging customers to come forward. This helps your future prospects help themselves, which, in turn, helps build your brand awareness.

Step 3: Creating a Content Plan:

Now, how can you create an effective content plan?

Along with writing a content plan also makes sense to efficiently understand what your target audience wants at each stage of the funnel. This process involves a lot of layers in the process. It is therefore important that how your prospects are positioned at each stage of the funnel.

For Example:

You run a mobile phone repair shop and you need to create content for your prospects at every stage of the funnel. So to address some of the major concerns related to phones, you need to suggest using social media platforms, or your blog posts.

At this stage it is important to help people become familiar with your product or service, reassure them about your expertise and increase brand awareness. Once you realize what the possibilities are there, pay attention to the content and marketing of your irresistible offer.

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Step 4: Customer Acquisition:

After all the evaluation, at this stage, the prospect decides to buy the product. At this stage, you should be prepared to answer all questions of prospects. The pricing system determines the final pricing at this level. A positive experience on the part of the customer leads to referrals that are at the top of the sales funnel, and the whole process resumes.

The second part of this phase is a satisfactory transaction. A sale is fully transpired when both parties sign a contract. A signed contract is booked as revenue from an accounting standpoint.

The sales funnel is a continuous process. It always changes and your interactions with your customers continue to develop. So keep asking yourself, are the strategies you used yesterday to serve your customers, are they still enough today? This will help you meet their expectations and fill your sales funnel.

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Find out the causes of cracks in your sales funnel

1.Not enough traffic:

As we know that if you do not have visitors, then you know that you have no prospects and without prospects, you will not make any sales or business. Now, this is where the real conflict lies, attracting prospects into your funnel and then converting them. Your goal should be to have as many eyes as many ingredients and you can avail as many beubѕсrіbеrі as possible. So one of the main reasons for your leaky funnel is insufficient traffic to your site.

2. No follow up on leads:

After spending a lot of time and energy setting up squeeze pages and driving traffic, if you don’t keep in touch with leads or prospects, they may forget you. If no effort is made on your behalf in the form of an email or call to be aware of the possibilities, you lose them.

3.No call to action:

Another very common reason that your sales funnel may fail is no call to action. Such activities are usually at the top of the funnel where you design your landing page. If you make podcasts, your YouTube videos, your blog posts, your social media site content available without a call, it becomes worthless.

A call to action can be a simple plain call to your visitors to let them know more about your offer. You can keep it very simple like ‘subscribe to my YouTube channel’ or. Follow me on Facebook. Whenever you come up with a blog post or any content, ask yourself what I want my readers to do next. Once they are done with reading the article, it will definitely be a call to action where you can include what you want.

These are some of the common reasons that cause your funnel to leak. But these lost clues represent a significant amount of potential revenue that can be gained by preventing leakage.

How to fix sales funnel issues

Remember, it is sometimes complicated and takes a lot of effort to build a sales funnel. But with complexity comes opportunity. It is the complexity of the sales funnel that makes it so effective. They are advancing a prospect in the sales process step by step.

It can be atomized, adapted and tested. There is no dearth of ideas on how the sales funnel of killers can be effective. There are effective ways to troubleshoot your beautiful performance sales funnel. You just need to break your sales funnel issues and then work on each part.

Note the top of the sales funnel:

As it is said, ‘what goes in comes out in the end’. Your sales funnel can sometimes be a sign that you are either attracting the wrong prospects or through an inappropriate route. So that your reasons are not easily qualified and do not change.

The top of your funnel is very important for your lead generation, where you have to focus on attracting the right traffic with the right follow up. Thus, focusing on the right opportunities with the right prospects can lead to better conversions.

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Take a high-level view of your sales process:

Take a step with your marketing and sales team and watch your entire sales process. Studying the entire process will help you find flaws in the infection.

You need to prepare a questionnaire and discuss it with your team if all necessary activities are taking place as per requirement.

To find out the obstacles, you need to discuss with your team and answer the above questions and work on it. You need to see if your marketing strategies can be employed in such a way that it reduces the conversion time.Most importantly ask yourself if after winning the contract you designed, are you doing enough to engage your new customer? For this, you need to document your buyer’s journey which will help to outline your sales process and work accordingly.

Where quickly and easily disappear:

Update your lead nurturing and conversion strategies:

If your team is not responding in a timely manner, you may lose out on your leads. Waiting as long as you have all the relevant information available before contacting the customer can allow your contestant to steal your leads. This will cause a data loss in your sales funnel that will be self-sustaining. You need to use lead management software that helps define the exact response time on information requests, proposals or lead generation. Your design and construction code should be reviewed before contacting prospects as this will save time, thereby maintaining the relevance of the information.

If you do not track them internally, you can often lose leads. This mostly happens when you rely on sales intensive, Sales tracking and nutrition practices. To get a better grip of things, you need to update your strategies. If you invest in Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM) you can manage your leads more effectively. The major advantage of CRM is that through its nutrition platform, it keeps your customers constantly engaged. You have a complete record of all customer discussions, correspondence in an organized manner. When you have a real-time device that helps carry your customers along the journey, cracks are much less likely to fall.

You need to rigorously follow the above suggestions to avoid any cracks in your sales funnel and increase your revenue.


Creating a sales funnel is the perfect way to understand and improve the performance of your sales process. In short, you are now aware of:

Each step of the sales funnel, having a clear understanding of the conversion rate to forecast sales revenue.

The reason or main reason for a sales funnel

Measures to structure your sales funnel in a way that relates to your customer journey and ensures that your sales reflect that.


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