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How To Select The Best CRM Software for Startup Business

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Best CRM for Startups

A wide range of online CRM Software for Startups that are currently available in the market may seem a bit awkward because most CRM software providers will give you software that may not match with your business requirements .No one knows better than you, but what works best for your company. So when you are on the hunt of the best CRMs tool, then you should take care that it is important that you listen to yourself and not the seller.

Here are some useful information that gives you the overall picture of the CRM software and there is a good idea about how to select.

For Knowing the each product  start with a free Trial



A good source of action is to sign up for at least some free tiral or demos from sellers. With that method you will have the opportunity to test important elements and you will get a good comparison of the capabilities of each Software.

The best part is that try the list of services that currently hold the highest ranking in our CRM software reviews in our SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction Ratings, to find the best CRM software for small business.

Targeted business

CRM software is important for all type of organization, we are going to refer to some businesses which can benefit significantly from CRM:

    • Sales teams: Each sales team needs a good CRM to identify trends in customer behavior or to use it with up-selling and cross-selling. At the same time, Sales CRM software shows that it is most likely to close down sales, and helps the team monitor them.
    • Such businesses that are marketed: To be more precise – any kind of marketing. Sales information provided by CRM records is invaluable for marketing teams, who use it to funnel their campaigns and to include as many customers as possible without inappropriate expenses.
    • Businesses which lack efficiency: If you are running low on conversions, then CRM is more than likely to give you bail. CRM solutions save a lot of time and automate a large number of important processes so that you can focus on more important tasks. For example, you can cut the time using customer records and potential notes, when you are investing in leading generating.

Best CRM Software for Startups

The Best customer relationship management system is the most valuable asset of enterprises, in whatever industry they are, unlike small and medium businesses focusing on achieving more customers, large companies require a system that requires them to Maintain all the current relationships and partnerships, each of them seems like it is the most important of the company.

6 out of 10 Small Business are using a CRM System for Email Marketing.

At the same time, these systems provide a comprehensive overview of the position and behavior of customers and track each interaction to reveal trends and opportunities. Best CRM Software for Startups business is especially recommended for online retail businesses, because they keep the pipeline of sales updated with information, and store customer records in the cloud.

Types of Best CRM software for Startups Business

Based on their role, and the dimension in which they can manage and maintain customer relationships, the CRM software tool is classified into three separate groups:

Operational CRM Software – also known as the original CRM, is aimed at operational CRM to integrate three essential parts of each business: sales, marketing, and support. These tools are to provide an operational dashboard where every probability is evaluated for each of the three possibilities so that its position can be summarized and a strategy can be developed for it.

The subcategories of operational CRM are: Sales force automation (analyzing the probability cycles from customers); Marketing automation (automating marketing processes to create and execute multi-channel campaigns with fine segments); And  Customer service automation (dealing with customer service, and integrating advanced type support).

Analytical CRM Software- Unlike the operational CRM, which collects data, analytical CRM has the role of analyzing that data and extracting some important conclusions for the preparation of reports and making better decisions. This type of CRM uses powerful techniques such as data extraction, model recognition, correlation, and so on.

Supporting CRM Software- Last but not least, the cooperative CRM covers external stakeholders (vendors, for example) and shares valuable customer information with them. Appropriation is clearly to improve communication, and to collect information that can be used to target prospects and create propaganda offers.


The basic CRM functions that each organization needs: third part (Service and customer support)


Key Features of Best CRM Software for Startup 

Most quality solutions, such as Archiz CRM, share common features that help you with regard to basic relationship management processes, but they are also different in some features that address specific industries, business size or expertise. . These are the main features that every CRM should have:

Sales-process-with-CRM-Automation, CRM Software for Sales process

Contact Manager –

 Organizes your contacts (customers and suppliers) by categories for easy contact or recovery. For some small businesses with a tight budget, this feature is that they need to organize a CRM program, such as categorizing their customers based on email campaigns or on their records. This feature can be a stand-alone module or integrated with other modules.

Sales Automation / Marketing-

This is the main component of Sales CRM software. This feature automates the sales process by returning customer inquiries and sending an answer to order. At its core, this module should help you follow the lead, such as, customer inquiries, previous sales, lead management .A good sales management facility provide you to manage leads from different source such web forms, QR Code form, landing pages & other third party source, software allow you to get leads from landing pages, invite web visitors, or gather feedback. Tohis module is sometimes called marketing automation.

Learn more Sales CRM Software Fact
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Sales Tracking –

Some vendors have included this feature in sales automation or as a separate module. This feature helps you measure sales analysis. How many have you sold? where? Who? Sales forecast. Sales Representative Performance. These modules have some basic functions. The CRM software should contain at least one report template and a dashboard that helps you to create a sales report or observe your sales performance.

Communication Channel –

This feature is usually integrated with other modules. Many CRM software claims to have multiple channels to communicate with customers, including:

Email, phone, IM or live chat, social and forums. Although having more channels means a broad reach, but if you do not have a person who does not have a live chat or phone facility to handle it, or there is no social network function if your online social presence does not develop happened. Often, an email channel sits well with customers provided you respond within 24 hours.

Benefits from Best CRM Software for Startups Business

We work in an ultra-competitive market, which is why adopting a powerful CRM is more important than ever. If you are still hot and cold on the idea of your purchase, then these are the benefits you are missing:

What are the Benefits of CRM System

    • Efficiency and productivity: A well executed CRM is more than likely to straighten your operational inability, due to its data search capability, and powerful integration with your current software infrastructure.
    • Data availability: Data is your most valuable and strategic asset, and CRM is your best bet for collecting that data in one place where it will also be analyzed. This idea is not only to see the data, but to understand what it is about, and CRMs make it with homegrown/integrated analytic tools.
    • Better Accountability: When your relationship with customers is not working properly, it indicates that there is no one else. This is where CRM is the least – they streamline customer communications, and make your business more credible and accountable. What they do is to help the employees understand their duties, but to understand their mistakes, it is most important.
    • Better collaboration: The spreadsheet is not that functional, and we all know it. Still, we are experiencing some of the functionalities which should be given to us right because we do not have the right tools to do this. On the other hand, CRMs are cloud-based, which guarantee that customer information will be accessible to everyone in every department.
    • Streamline communication with customers: While implementing CRM, just do not think what to do for you. Walk in the shoes of your customers, and try to see if the device can identify their needs and therefore causes more sales. CRM is one of the few systems that prove to be a booster of customer retention because they are personally tracking company relations with each customer.

Latest trends

Apart from the basic features, many CRM software today has these latest features that can boost your marketing and sales. Here are some of the latest trends that are worth investing in:

    • Social CRM – It can be sold as an add-on, integrated with a separate module or basic plan. This feature takes advantage of the existing social network to build a personal customer relationship. When people talk about you in your social network, you can track the social mentions of your brand or get an alert. This ability allows you to lead or arrest an impending negative issue about your business. At least, look for CRM software that integrates with one of the three popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
    • Mobile CRM – Mobile App is designed for your use, not for customers. You can use CRM software through a smartphone or tablet. This feature is helpful when you go often but want to keep a tab of your CRM program. Most top CRM solutions have a mobile app for iOS or Android or both, which are sold as an add-on, while some vendors have a mobile web-based version of the facility (you can log in to the system Requires opening a browser). There are some basic features to check in the mobile app: Synchronization of data; The period of stay active; And, for the Android app, compatibility with various Android phones like HTC, Samsung and LG. Some CRM mobile apps also use GPS for location-based marketing.
    • Business Intelligence – This feature takes advantage of data from customers who have collected in the sales automation. This module goes beyond making leads and sales – Sales automation does this already – Business Intelligence aims to improve overall performance and efficiency. For example, this allows you to create a “what if” scenario before launching the product, or based on specific criteria, based on the sales report (eg, location, customer’s age, weather, etc.) Allows examining the strongest and most vulnerable aspects. business.
CRM Software for Sales Automation
CRM Software for Sales Automation

Potential issues

In addition to assessing components and deployment, it is also important to consider the following issues that can be important for your business:

    • Data Security: SaaS CRM means that your data is in the seller’s hands. This setup can be risky for the first time, but depending on the seller’s reputation and infrastructure, your data may be more secure in the hands of experts than depending on your internal team. To reduce the risk of data protection breaches, check out the background on the seller. Otherwise, a multinational company can opt to invest in an in-house data security infrastructure and employees and run on-premise CRM because they have resources.
    • Why every organisation needs a Sales CRM Software to grow better (1)

      Why every organization needs a Sales CRM Software to grow better

    • Integrity: Many CRM solutions emphasize integration with popular productivity and business applications because most companies are already using these applications among others, making documents, engaging clients, or managing their calendars. Have been. Check whether CRM software can be integrated into your existing applications, or if you can export / import files from CRM software.
    • Scalability: It is important that the provider allows scalability of features and payment terms. This is especially helpful for seasonal needs, growing or contracted businesses.
    • Dealer Support: Any purchases with the seller’s support and reliability ensure that you buy from a reputed vendor. A popular seller is not necessarily prestigious; On the contrary, a newcomer can be more reliable. Check forums or social mentions, or better yet, ask past and current users for feedback. A good seller should constantly provide support because you will face glitches in the way.

Useful CRM Statistics

CRM research shows that CRM Software can help businesses save at least $ 75,000 in their marketing expenses. 69% of companies consider the CRM platform more valuable than laptops and smartphones. The CRM report states that if the enterprise integrates it smoothly with its business solution, then CRM can boost up to 245% ROI. In addition, the CRM grants an ROI of approximately $ 8.71 for every $ 1 spent on it.

It repeats that as soon as you browse through various CRM solutions, remember to listen closely to your needs and you are likely to get the right CRM software for your business.

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