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What is hospital Management Software?

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Hospital Management Software (HMS) or Hospital Information System (HIS) or Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) as you call it, but the need of today’s hospitals. Hospital management systems, as we all know, are largely integrated systems that support comprehensive information of hospitals, including administrative, clinical, Online Appointment Booking, and financial information.

The functionality of the system varies with the needs and operation of every user.

Archiz Hospital Management Software is a cloud-based hospital system that provides a full range of hospital services integrated by a single data repository, which means that patient information can be shared securely and seamlessly across all medical departments.

This is what we provide for each user/department:


This includes solutions that improve physician practice performance and reduce physician time spent on administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more quality time with patients. It also provides complete medical records captured in a structured way, which can be configured according to the specialty and physician’s choice. Hassle-free appointment scheduling and team management are other important use cases.

Patient portal

Patients are smart and ask for records so that they can manage their or their family’s health information. Patients can store their current and previous medications, record lab results, health disorders, ask questions directly from their care providers, and track progress. All health-related information is available online.

Integrated Support Services

Integrate your laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy with patient records and billing to create seamless coordination between care delivery and department operations. Users can perform their operational tasks, such as order management, inventory management, or run reports at the click of a button. Allows users to update master data for all labs, radiology tests, and drugs with advanced range and other parameters.

Advantages of having CRM In Healthcare Services,

Advantages of having CRM In Healthcare Services

Hospital statistics

Healthcare CRM Software can instantly provide top management with reports and excellent analysis to analyze the performance of their practice on a single click. You can drill-down the report to check in-depth details for any information. Users can view reports related to patient volume, resource utilization, bed occupancy, penetration rate, billing, accounts, etc. All these reports can be configured according to business needs and workflow. HMS allows automated email sending on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as per requirement.

Billing management

HMS provides comprehensive web-based medical billing solutions that integrate each and every financial operation without any hassle. It also provides monitoring of your revenue for an administrative approach.

Distributed management list

The solution helps multi-chain clinics to manage stocks at every level. Users can perform a comprehensive list of functions such as product, purchase entry, indent request, indent transfer, purchase order, sales return and purchase return with easy click into the software.

Asset Management

Manage your property about location and details such as date, purchase, specifications, location of equipment, AMC and calculations etc. Also stop your investment with these book appointments for your property, with links provided for specific information for equipment maintenance.

Complete OPD management

HMS allows patients to be managed from their entry point to exit in an OPD. Patient registration, appointment scheduling, initial assessment, care plan template, order management and follow-up reminders are some of the important and fundamental OPD operations that can be easily automated.

OPD management

Manage your patients seamlessly from admission to discharge. This module helps in effectively coordinating care in all OPD operations such as admissions, nursing stations, defining care plans, support services (lab, radiology and pharmacy), billing, insurance, transfer and discharge. Other services such as OT management and ICU can also be integrated.

Home Healthcare Management

HMS allows any practice to integrate and optimize unique workflows according to home health businesses to manage the entire operation in multiple cities with 100% clinical data-driven evaluation and more.

Business Report and Analytics

HMS provides business reporting related to your practice, such as expense reports, sales reports, etc.


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