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When we call CRM, people immediately think about customer services and support, make a random executive call, earn brownie points with customers, sell them sweet deals or loyalty discounts. Of course, all this is included in the CRM but there is more to it. Customer Relationship Management is not only about good servicing and great support.CRM software for CXM is about customer experience and customer happiness from the intermediate steps of the conversion funnel. CRM  actually synchronizes marketing, sales, customer service, support, and even forecast and behavioral analysis.

This means that as soon as you reach your potential customer, you have to start building experience. It also means that once you have acquired the customer, you have to work on understanding it and winning customer loyalty. Especially in the app industry where the customer’s attention is low and the rate of uninstallation is high.

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What is the key to data, but have you ever wondered what metrics are required to measure, what metrics do you need and how can this data be used, which everyone is talking about? The answer is in analytics. Bringing large amounts of data together and correlating for a better app is a big heart of Big Data Analytics. For insights on how you can pool the Big Data and CRM to drive in a better revenue:

The division of your valuable users:

Suppose you have just completed the first round of establishments. According to which you do not have any ideas or insights, which inhibits some vanity metrics with intelligent guesswork and tracking van. The next step is to track in-app behavior, but what will happen after your customers’ data points? Using Matrix to isolate the grain from the chef is the next challenge in hand.

Let us take an example of an e-commerce application. In the study of 2018, 71% of Millennials entered the window shopping on e-commerce applications. This means that a 71% majority that spends on online shopping is a part. You can not count cyber footfalls on your app to measure performance or target the right customers. How do you make a market for the right consumers?

You create segments with the right events. Advance Segment Builder Features in analytics tool, such as traction, pooling valuable metrics and making segments with data points is an easy click to create activity. In the case of an eCommerce app, instead of measuring wishlists or monthly active users, measure the value of the car and check the external.

The luxury of the market in the segment with a high cart price, the most likely to buy them. For that segment, which tries to send discount coupons, which entices them to complete the checkout. You use the best of Big Data and CRM features for marketing and sales conversion.

Press the right button:

After the creation of segments, sending the interactive push notifications is the next step. Push notifications also require some solid homework. Data on push and how they perform, it is important to chart the next push campaign. Simultaneously, simulation of push is an essential step for better performance and user interaction. Put tabs on the push and start a campaign at the right time, targeting the right customers can be achieved with a Archiz CRM software that has all these features.

Predictive analysis to increase user experience:

We just saw Black Friday and Cyber Monday, now known as dedicated names and days. How do we reach the conclusion that online stores need to sell externally to sell more in December?

Together and common sense in the Big Data years the festive season calls for the shopping frenzy. This is a macro scale example that how one can predict events and therefore optimizes for better sales or engagement. Similarly, there are programs on small scale, depending on the day. For example, a statistical report states that for the gaming app :

62% users are established to buy new phones i.e. new device IDs.

Most avid gamers in the United States spend 9 hours weekly on mobile game apps.

Role Play and Strategy Games can really earn well.


How can you use this data as the owner of a gaming app?

You can tell about how gaming apps can be fair on the basis of three key features, the most likely installer, the most profitable geography, the most upscale freemium models and future patterns. It can not be a direct interpretation of the available numbers but they help in predicting possible behavior.

They can help you make initial decisions such as :

  1. Find new device ‘IDs, segment them, aggressively market them for them.
  2. Upscale the freemium model with new roleplay feature in push notifications.
  3. Market the game to avail gamers for gaming apps.

This is an analysis of previous data to extrapolate the expected user behavior. Analytics is different from statistics, it does not read data only, which it employs for future / potential implementation. Your CRM tool should help you analyze, not just read the data and assist the steering strategy towards the expected user behavior.

Customer Delight with CRM:

There is one thing called customer satisfaction, which is the minimum, which is to be excluded from the competition. But customer happiness is the keyword for competition truly.

How can mobile apps satisfy customers?

The difference is between giving those users what they ask and know what the user wants.

For example, User profiles and statistical data are presented visually:

Women, 25 years, active between 4 and 6 o’clock, weekly activity -> looking for flight tickets for Delhi.

It will be ok to show the booking segment as soon as the user app opens. It will be a complete pleasure for the user if at 3:45 p.m., the user gets a push notification saying that your app provides 10% cashback on the flights to Kuala Lumpur users who buy it in the next two hours.

See the difference? The user is almost certain that they will buy from you because when other applications are busy increasing prices, you have just offered a valuable discount. You have to win a conversion and perhaps a loyal customer and customer satisfaction. It is the power of data, how you can use it to build a strong connection with your customer.

Applying Big data to setting up patterns, predicting deviation is a cut out for the experts. Data scientist and analyst not only snaps these interpretations but conveys them as a logical, comprehensible insight. Reporting this data is an important step and demands readable and understandable reporting.

In order to achieve maximum benefits, your Archiz CRM tool should be enabled:

  1. Use the convenient features to use the features that help you in the practical application of that.
  2. Create sensible reporting systems that give you quick information for better action plans.
  3. Provide quick access to interact with customers

Try Archiz CRM Software to make segments, interactive, and intelligent push-ups and easy to interpret reports. Make smart decisions powered by smart analytics.

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